From the recording Songs to Fight Fascists By!

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Jim Crow is alive and well and
Were living in a special hell
Where might makes right
And good men die
Cause they're not
Black enough to hide
From Georgia where the innocent die
Or my own hometown
where evil resides
They’ve beaten our kids
and cousins dead
And protect their lies with bullets of lead

And Troy Davis had to pay the bill
Rung up by a policeman who shot to kill
His brother as he beat a homeless man
I ask you how is this Gods plan?
3 cops beat down Jordan Miles
in his youth
A brilliant young musician as he fled their pursuit
His braids ripped out and
face bloody split
These cops evade justice
like it’s some kind of trip

Sandra Bland is gone away
The police took her and Freddie Gray
And Eric Garner and young Mike Brown
Too many names to keep writing down
Alton sterling, Philando castille,
I swear this shit is getting unreal
How many more must be taken away
By a country who long ago lost its way?
We know what’s right
we know what’s wrong
And I cannot bring them
back with a song

And then 10 years ago
kthe cops killed a man
He was driving while Black
through a white man’s land
Acquitted and working
and not in jail
While Johnny Gammage lies dead
and the nation should wail
Wail for justice and wail for peace
Wail for our people's sweet release
Let the good folk go
let the people know
weʼre gonna spread the word
with every show.