Joyous, rowdy, and life changing, Starwood is a seven day celebration of diversity, alternatives in lifestyle, spirituality, belief systems, and is distinguished by its warm and welcoming community spirit.

Here you will find a community of explorers fresh from many journeys through realms both alien and familiar. Flush with discovery, they're eager to share the wisdom they have found. Here are the children of the quest, their vision unobscured by the veil of constructed reality, peering upward and outward in wonder, beyond the night sky to the distant stars.

Starwood 41 takes place from July 12th through July 18th, and is held in the beautiful nature preserve that is Wisteria Campground and Event Site in Pomeroy, Ohio.

The Midwest's oldest event of its kind, Starwood offers: • A week long line-up of classes, workshops, and ceremonies offered by prominent teachers in their diverse fields. • A melting pot of live performances by world renowned and local artists, drum and dance circles, music jams, and spontaneous free range creative exploration. • Our infamous Saturday night Bonfire, and so much more...

Onsite amenities include: food vendors, swimming, hiking, hot showers, the kid village and co-op child care, family friendly camping in a beautiful private site, and a camp wide transport system. Starwood is a clothing optional event.